Advice & Consent 10: Remands and politics

On this episode…  Supreme Court remands and politics of the POTUS election impacting the SCOTUS vacancy.

Advice & Consent 10: Remands and politics

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Trump’s Shortlist

NY Times: Donald Trump Releases List of Possible Supreme Court Picks

NY Times: Donald Trump’s Docket: A Look at His Supreme Court Wish List

Dorf on Law: Trump’s SCOTUS List and the Garland Nomination

  • Anyone stand out?
  • Surprise missing names?
  • Does this inoculate the Donald amongst conservatives on the SCOTUS issue?
  • Will this be enough to get liberals to the polls on this issue?
  • Does this even remotely move the needle for the Merrick Garland nomination?

Zubik v. Burwell remanded

NY Times: Justices, Seeking Compromise, Return Contraception Case to Lower Courts

  • Did the Court punt on this one? Would a 9th member have led to a ruling?
  • Should we expect a higher than normal batch of remands until #9 gets seated?

Justice Breyer and the 8-Justice Court

Tulsa WorldBreyer says Supreme Court not diminished with only 8 members


  1. Ben says:

    Janice Rogers Brown is OLD! She’d be 68 from 2017! Repubs primarily want a YOUNG ideologue they can stick on the Couty for a minimum of 25 years.

      • Ben says:

        For what reason would a judge remove themselves from consideration? Just personal reasons?

        Interestingly, I believe she is next in line for chief judge after (if/when) Garland is approved for the Court.

        • Tim Mooney says:

          Well, the SCOTUS nomination process is pretty brutal and the DC Circuit is a plum job as is. I wouldn’t begrudge anyone choosing to forego a few years on the Court to stay in place. To be clear though, I don’t know what her POV is.

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